(Almost) all video credits [updated December 2020]:

Guide to Gaming While Social Distancing︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
What’s the deal with Heroes of Might and Magic III?︎︎︎– Director and Editor
giffgaff’s Choose Refurbished︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
giffgaff’s Black Friday pop-up event coverage︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
Full Fact – Election 2019︎︎︎ – Creative Director
Board Games You Should Play This Christmas︎︎︎ –  Creative Lead
The History of British Videogames part 1 & part 2︎︎︎ – Creative Lead, Producer
Instagram vs Reality︎︎︎, Taking Back Control︎︎︎, Choosing Yourself︎︎︎, Online vs Offline︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
We Sent Manga St. Hilare to an Eco-Village in Wales︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
Choose Community – Proud︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
Choose Community – Ride On Exeter︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
giffgaff gaming: Families Play Overcooked 2︎︎︎ – Creative Lead, Producer
Choose Community – Hackney Wick FC︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
Choose Community – Camboaters︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
Drag Queens Play Big Potato Games︎︎︎ – Creative Lead, Producer
Choose Community – Incredible Edible Todmorden︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
giffgaff gaming: Trying VR For The First Time︎︎︎ – Creative Lead, Producer
Choose Community – Cosplayers︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
Mother’s Day for giffgaff︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
Choose Community – Blackpool︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
giffgaff gaming: Rappers Play Dungeons & Dragons︎︎︎ – Creative Lead, Producer
Choose Community – Brighton Swimmers︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
Choose Community – Dulwich Players︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
Choose Community – Sneak Attack︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
Choose Community – Horror Book Club︎︎︎ – Creative Lead
Choose Community – Silver Surfers︎︎︎ – Creative Lead